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Album & Review from Japan

BURRN July 2006 issue.     Reviewed by KITAI                                 Thursday, July 07, 2006

After performing in Japan during September last year, RIOT firmly established themselves as on the comeback trail. This will be their first release since Through The Storm was released 4 years ago. Frank Gilchriest (drums. Virgin Steele) makes his first appearance on a RIOT album. The first track, Army Of One is a thrilling piece of hard driving hard rock, with guitarist Mark Reale playing his fingers off during a dynamic solo that delighted this reviewer. Vocalist Mike Dimeo`s straight forward vocal sty lings made the choruses of Blinded and Helping Hand catchy and easy to get into. On the whole, the album consists of typical RIOT driven hard rock. The stand-out track, an instrumental based on a melody by Tchykovsky, Stained Mirror, makes use of both acoustic and electric guitars to bring about its melancholy harmonies. The bonus track, Road Racin, was taken from the Live In Kawasaki concert held in 1998. It's a pure hard rock track with no tricks or gimmicks. The purity of it makes me happy. 

RATING 86 (out of 100)
             See ARMY OF ONE chart # 7 out of 50 on the BURRN Charts 2006

Army Of One
Army of One - RIOT - Mark Reale
Released in 2006  Buy Now
Mark Reale Guitars
Mike Flyntz Guitars
Mike Dimeo Vocals
Pete Perez Bass
Frank Gilchriest Drums
US Label: LongHouse
Europe Label: Metal Heaven
Japan Label: Toshiba-Emi
Sample: Army Of One
Songs Titles
01. Army Of One
02. Knockin at my Door
03. Blinded
04. One More Alibi
05. It All Falls Down
06. Helping Hand
07. The Mystic
08. Still Alive
09. Alive In The City
10. Shine
11. Stained Mirrors
12. Dark Side Of Light
13. Road Racin -Live- Japan issue
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